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Polished Amenities

Ethically Sourced Guest Amenities

Hotel-sized toiletries are adorable, but supplying single-use plastic to short term rental guests weighed on us ethically. An exhaustive search for eco-friendly alternatives led us to Ashland, Oregon, and a luxurious collection of shampoo and soap bars that we’re now proud to offer under our house brand, Polished Seattle. 

For hair, a .9oz buttery Coconut and Tea Tree conditioning shampoo bar. Sulfate-free, it gently lathers and conditions even color-treated hair. A .9oz Black Bamboo Charcoal bar balances the set for face and body. These solid hair and body bars last much longer than single-use liquid soaps and provide improved utility, in style.

Locally handmade from sustainably and ethically sourced natural ingredients, these travel sets are totally unique in the marketplace, completely biodegradable, and a cute memento that captures the social and eco spirit of the Pacific Northwest. 

Net weight 1.8 oz per boxed travel set. Sold in cases of 20 travel sets. $60/case